Made in Italy design, development and production of eco-sustainable products made from recycled rubber

We are a production company by vocation and over the years we have internally developed the entire process of manufacturing rubber products through the design, prototyping, industrialization, production and marketing phases. This process is used both for our product range and for projects that we develop, even exclusively , for our customers.

In the design phase, we take care of developing the product on the basis of the specific needs of use and the required conditions, completing the various phases in relation to the actual production .

During prototyping , we develop initial product samples on which we carry out specific tests based on the desired function of the product itself and its required characteristics. In this phase, great attention is paid to any improvements and refinements that can be made to the product before making the definitive molds and proceeding to mass production.

The realization of the molds takes place in our internal mechanical workshop , through the use of latest generation machinery and cutting-edge technologies in the sector.

The Production takes place in our factory in Caino in Brescia in Italy , in which we take advantage of the collaboration with specialized personnel, through a controlled production process and the use of innovative machinery, always according to specific and high quality standards .

We mainly use sustainable raw materials of well known origin . Our products are mainly made from recycled rubber (SBR, EPDM, NBR), polyurethane binders, additives and coloring pastes, they are recyclable and, to all intents and purposes, fall within the concept of circular economy .

We market our products all over the world , collaborating in the B2B sector through resellers and distributors . In some cases and with regard to B2C, we collaborate directly with end customers . If you are interested in working with us, contact us now .

Would you like to deepen any details related to our production?

Below you will find some further information:

We mainly manufacture recycled rubber products.

When we talk about recycled rubber we mainly refer to SBR, EPDM or NBR rubber deriving from the recovery of end-of-life tires (ELTs) or from materials deriving from the production of rubber items for various sectors in the rubber industry.

These materials have controlled traceability and quality controls that guarantee their usability and quality consistency.

In our case it means making a product by using a raw material that very often derives from items that otherwise would have ended up in landfills.

Contrary to what one might think, it is possible to create high quality products with excellent performance using recycled materials.

On average, our products have a percentage of use of recycled raw materials of over 90% by weight.

SBR rubber from ELTs is a much more valuable raw material than you think.

First of all, it is important to consider that this raw material is produced according to high quality standards and has a mechanical performance of the highest level.

This raw material makes up the tires of cars, trucks and various means of transport on average for over 80%. It is a raw material that must meet very stringent technical requirements:

  • it must not age quickly
  • it must maintain good elasticity over time even if subjected to atmospheric agents
  • it must maintain good cohesion over time
  • it must have guaranteed resistance performance

Even if we don’t think about it often, we entrust our safety to tires for all our daily trips.

It is for the aforementioned reasons that an end-of-life tire, although it can no longer perform its primary function, turns out to be a source of recycled raw material destined for multiple uses.

Poligomma products, in most cases, are recyclable products because the raw materials they are made of are completely reusable and this allows us to create new products using recycled products at the end of their life.

Poligomma products are the perfect example of circular economy products.

The concept of circular economy refers to an economic system designed to regenerate itself while also guaranteeing its eco-sustainability.

However, more than the economic aspect, we want to draw your attention to the fact that the circular economy is important as a demonstration that it is sustainable to make new products by limiting the extraction of new raw materials.

Because it is an ethical choice. Because it means looking at things with an open mind. Because the resources we have are not infinite.

Because we are a small young company that has decided to believe in concepts such as recycling and circular economy when it was still thought that these were laboratory concepts and distant from the real economy.

Because we are manufacturers, we produce our products responsibly and we care about the satisfaction of our customers.

Because we produce our products in Italy with respect for people and the environment.

Because we have designed our products to meet specific needs and have always tested them ourselves to make sure we provide customers with a satisfactory solution to their needs. 

Because we carefully serve both small customers and organized industry in a wide range of sectors. 

Because we are here to carry out new projects.

Because we are interested in the feedback that comes from our customers and by contacting us you can interact directly with people involved in product development.

Because we care that you get a great experience from using our products and our service.

We offer support in the product selection phase based on your needs, we provide assistance during installation and support for the maintenance of our products.

We ship our products all over the world with the support of specialized logistics partners.