Eco-sustainable products made from recycled rubber
a conscious choice for a better future

The  range of POLIGOMMA products offers solutions for the most varied fields of application and sectors of use. Our products often address both professional customers and individuals and are suitable for use outdoor e Indoor, they are made to last and offer an excellent user experience.

We deal directly with the manufacture  of recycled rubber products using different technologies and using the latest generation production facilities. The entire production process takes place at our Caino site in Brescia in Italy, with specialized  personnel, cutting-edge technologies and high quality standards.

We carry out our production paying particular attention to the final customer, the user experience, the health of those who produce and install the products, doing everything in respect of the environment. Our products are  100% Italian al 100% and are really the result of circular economy, processes, because they are made with recycled material and, in many cases, recyclable in turn.

The Poligomma product lines

Our product line dedicated to the safety and furnishing of public and private playground areas. It is made up of anti-shock floors, accessories and elements of street furniture. PLAYGOMMA products are ideal for all those areas designed to move, have fun or play sports.

Our product line dedicated to fitness and cross training. The range TRAINING GOMMA is made up of non-slip, anti-fall rubber flooring and specific products for use in traditional gyms and functional boxes, for professional and private customers, for gyms and home gyms.

Our product line dedicated to the safety and well-being of horses. It consists of non-slip rubber flooring and horse protections suitable for installation in stables, boxes, sheds, rides, washes, trailers and all the contexts related to the world of horses.

Our product line dedicated to agriculture, the garden, open spaces and greenery. It is made up of articles for professional and amateur agriculture and decorative elements for the garden. All FLORAGOMMA products are practical, easy to install and suitable for many contexts of use.

Our products for the world of traffic. Articles for parking lots, cycle paths and street furniture.

Our product line for shooting ranges. Floors, ballistic walls, wall coverings for indoor and outdoor polygons.

Panels, articles and protective coatings for multiple uses in public and private contexts.

Products for street furniture, car parks, cycle paths and public contexts.

Our products for the industry. Floors, coatings, protections and customized products for every industrial context.

Products for use in wharfs, marinas, fixed or floating docks and commercial ports.