Anti-Shock floors and furniture
for public and private playground areas

PLAYGOMMA is the line of products specifically designed for the safety and furnishing of  public and private playground areas, eliminating the risks associated with accidental falls and for all those surfaces where you want to move, play or play sports. The range consists of anti-shock flooring of various shapes, colors and sizes, perimeter slides, containment curbs and various accessories as well as furnishing elements.

The main feature of the PLAYGOMMA floor is its ability to absorb shocks and is a certified shock-absorbing floor with HIC critical drop height from 1.0 to 3.0 meters high. The choice of the type of PLAYGOMMA anti-shock flooring varies according to the critical fall height HIC relative to the play structure to be secured. This information is normally provided by the manufacturer of the game structure.

The available formats are 50x50cm, 100x50cm and 100x100cm. PLAYGOMMA flooring is available with or without lateral fixing pins.

PLAYGOMMA flooring is an elastic, draining and self-stabilizing anti-shock flooring, it has excellent shock absorption properties and softens any unevenness of the ground on which it is laid. With PLAYGOMMA flooring it is possible to create compositions of the most varied shapes, it can be shaped and customized according to request if there is a need for particular formats and dimensions.

The draining properties of the material and the lower surface design make the PLAYGOMMA anti-shock flooring safe and usable in outdoor areas even on rainy days, eliminating the problem of dirt linked to mud, soil, gravel, sand and have minimal periodic maintenance The flooring can be laid on earth, gravel or concrete substrates, it is equipped with an anchoring system with fixing pins and can also be glued to an existing floor. 

PLAYGOMMA accessories and furnishing elements have the same elasticity and resistance characteristics of the flooring. It is noiseless under foot traffic, it is easy to lay, it is practical, it is easy to clean and has a pleasant appearance in any context.

Playgomma is ecologically compatible because  it is made of recycled materials and is totally recyclable and regenerable.

PLAYGOMMA products are 100% Italian products.

PLAYGOMMA anti-shock floors