Floors and products for fitness and cross training

TRAINING GOMMA is the line of products specifically designed for fitness, cross training and all environments related to professional or amateur physical exercise. The range of TRAINING GOMMA products consists of rubber flooring of various sizes, shapes and colors and accessories such as perimeter fittings and fitness products .

Training Floor
Rubber Flooring For Gyms and Home Gym

The main feature of the TRAINING FLOOR for gyms is its excellent anti-slip characteristic with high mechanical resistance allowing to better resist in the various contexts of functional and non-functional physical activity.

The TRAINING FLOOR is an elastic shockproof floor, has excellent shock absorption properties and is easy to install. TRAINING FLOOR is suitable as flooring for use in professional contexts such as gyms and cross training boxes or in private contexts such as home gyms. Furthermore, the soundproofing properties of TRAINING FLOOR are particularly suitable for uses where noise or vibration reduction is required.

TRAINING FLOOR for gyms and sports areas is made in three different finishes:

  • TRAINING FLOOR RAW, Large texture
  • TRAINING FLOOR STD, Fine Texture
  • TRAINING FLOOR HD Extrafine Texture

The available formats are 50×50, 100×50, 100×100 and 100×200 cm. The thicknesses are between 10 and 50mm.
RAW, STD and HD finishes are available for all sizes and thicknesses of the range.

The cleaning of TRAINING FLOOR for gyms is simply carried out with non-aggressive detergents diluted in water and a floor brush or a suitable floor washing machine. Contact our technical department for any clarification.


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